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When will The Defender 24/7™ be available?

A: Pre-orders for the Defender 24/7™ are live now. Delivery is expected by the end of the year. We are fulfilling on a rolling basis and you can reserve your place in line for only $25.

I see a lot of apps available that offer help in distress situations. How does The Defender 24/7™ compare to these apps/services?

A: The apps available for distress situations are primarily passive alarms with one or two features. In fact, you might just describe the apps as I am waiting for someone to help me. Our product empowers the user by providing them a vast array of options that they can select to help themselves. There is HUGE difference between an app that provides a monitoring service, and actually responding. TheDefender 24/7™ provides you with both prevention and assistance by combining:

*A digital camera to capture the photo of an assailant
*Wireless connection to transmit the photo and alert signal
*An audible siren and speaker that announces to the assailant that their photo and GPS coordinates have been sent to the authorities
*An oscillating flash to attract attention
*The highest concentration of pepper spray available to law-enforcement
*A smart phone app which transmits all of this information to our monitoring team who communicate directly with all 911 centers in North America
*Notifications are sent via text and e-mail to a preset contact list, identifying the nature of the alert triggered

When Does Someone Need the Defender 24/7™?

A: Because you do not know when your safety will be threatened or a medical situation will occur, you will always want to have Defender 24/7™ with you. Some users may have serious medical conditions including:

*Epilepsy or other conditions which cause seizures
*Heart conditions
*Breathing difficulties which make talking near impossible
*Severe diabetes
*Blood pressure issues or prone to fainting

Other situations where a safety alert is critical:

*Animal attack
*Auto accident or some other issue where the user needs medical assistance
*Attacked when working out in a park or on a secluded trail
*Alone at night on a college campus
*In unfamiliar or unsafe areas
*When the last employee leaves a business at night

How does The Defender 24/7™ work once an alert has been triggered?

A: The Defender™ provides both a text and an email, which indicates the nature of your medical alert. Medical alerts are sent to your specified contact list, and to The Defender™ 24/7 Monitoring Service. Once first responders receive this alert, your location and a picture of you is in-hand.

Your personal description of specific medical issue(s) will be sent via texts or emails. You will have the ability to describe the kind of help you may need, providing first responders with potentially life saving information! Details may also include, but are not limited to, your doctor’s personal contact information and your insurance policy details.

Is The Defender 24/7™ appropriate for a college campus?

A: YES! Let’s be clear, criminals want anonymity and quiet to perpetrate their crimes and victimize someone. They do not want to encounter someone equipped with The Defender 24/7™. You will have the power to capture their photo for identification, disrupt their advances with pepper spray, attract attention with an oscillating flash and loud alarm, bringing maximum attention to the attempted crime. The Defender 24/7™ Monitoring Service will forward the photo with your GPS location, and personalized info to law enforcement or medical authorities.

You want to help yourself and those you care about in every way possible to prevent being victimized. With Defender 24/7™ on your team, you will have that power!

Can I use Defender 24/7™ if I do NOT have a smartphone?

A: Sorry, no. You must have the app to effectively use our product and connect to Defender 24/7™ Monitoring Service.

Which smartphones are available to use with Defender 24/7™?

A: Currently The Defender 24/7™ is available on smartphones running on Apple iOS and Android.
Click here to be notified when your OS becomes available.

Will The Defender 24/7™ work if my smartphone does not have reception?

A: Your smartphone must have a WiFi or Cellular signal to allow for our product to fully perform. The Defender 24/7™ service requires a data connection to communicate with our 24/7 Monitoring service and your contacts.

Please be sure to properly maintain and charge your smartphone.

How will I know if The Defender 24/7™ is connected?

A:Defender 24/7™ includes a compact speaker that announces when the device is connected and alerts you when the device is disconnected.

I am currently using a Medical Alert Product (PERS), how does the Defender 24/7™ compare?

A:Defender 24/7™ gives you EVERYWHERE SECURITY with assistance for both medical alerts as well as safety situations where law enforcement is needed. Defender 24/7 is a real value. Defender 24/7™ and our 24/7 monitoring service will be half the price of most Medical Alert / PERS products, with the hardware being provided at no cost with a two year subscription.

Is the Defender 24/7™ refillable once deployed?

A:Yes. During the initial set-up of your Defender 24/7™ we supply an inert test canister. This is easily installed by removing the spray cap located at the top of the device. If you have deployed the pepper spray canister for any reason it can be replaced in exactly the same way.

How many hours will Defender 24/7™ last on one charge?

A: Seven days in the standby mode on one charge.

Will Defender 24/7™ still deploy the pepper spray if the battery is depleted?

A: Yes, the Defender knows when it reaches a critical level and will announce that the battery is low and will indicate as such with an LED as well.

Does pepper spray expire?

A: Yes. After one year you should replace the canister. We will provide a replacement canister at that time for little or no cost as long as your account is in good standing.

Can I use Defender 24/7™ if I do NOT have a smartphone?

A: Sorry, no. You must have the app to effectively use our product and connect to Defender 24/7™ Monitoring Service.


Though it is legal to carry defense sprays in all 50 States, there are a number of cities and states with specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession and use of aerosol defense sprays—it is your responsibility to check with your local police department. If you are unsure of the restriction in your area, check with your local law enforcement for specific laws regarding the possession and use of defense spray products. We CANNOT ship the Defender 24/7™ product to New York, Massachusetts, Internationally, or by Air. Improper use of Defender 24/7™ could result in criminal action. If you use the Defender 24/7™ in an improper manner, you could be sued or in some states fined and/or imprisoned. Defender 24/7™ product will contain pepper spray and cannot be carried on a commercial airline where it is accessible – this is a federal crime with a $25,000 fine. Keep theDefender 24/7™ product out of reach of children for their protection. Applicable laws and specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession and use of aerosol defense sprays may change prior to time of shipment of the Defender 24/7™ product. If it is illegal to deliver the Defender 24/7™ product to your shipping address at time of shipment, then we will refund your purchase

Possession and/or use of this unit may be regulated or prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. If there is any question, check with your local police department. Pepper spray products may not be sold to minors (under age 18). This product is not legal in Wisconsin or Michigan. Ground shipping only.

Note: Not for sale in Canada. Please check with your local municipality regarding the legality of pepper spray/mace in your area.