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July 2017

Fox News segment aired this month

April 2017

Fox News tapes production for a piece to be aired nationally in June starting with Fox and Friends.

March 2017

Interview: Talk Radio AM640 in Toronto

February 2017

Thesoul publishing on Facebook

January 2017

Request from the NBC Today Show to participate on the Rawson Reports. We have agreed to revisit this offer after product launch.

March 2016

Smart Personal Protection White Paper

October 2016

CAR PitchDeck

Tech Zone Interview

September 2016

56 million views and nearly a million shares for our first Facebook Viral Thread.

October 2015

MAY 2015

C.A.R. Business Technology Forum Requests on to speak.  Home Automation discussion in the October 8, 2015 California Association of REALTORS® Business Technology Forum meeting in San Jose, CA.  The Business Technology Chair, Vice-Chairs and Directors are all very excited to explore this topic.

April 2015

20 Things You Didn’t Know Existed Until Now

February 2015

Andy, Will It Work? The Defender

January 2015

The Writers Workbench: CES 2015 Wrap-up

November 2014

The Defender Returns To Indiegogo & Participates in the Platform’s Forever Funding Program – Crowdfund Insider


October 2014

The Playboy Morning Show – Playboy Radio
The Defender – Bluetooth Pepper Spray and a Credible Witness in One – Coolest Gadgets

September 2014

Avon man’s device aims to thwart attackers – Indy Star
Hoosier touts new self-defense device as a ‘superhero in your pocket’ – Fox 59 Indianapolis

August 2014

Pepper mist gets a camera with The Defender – Tech Time 24
The Defender: Smart Personal Protection – Indiegogo – Droid Horizon
Pepper Spray Gets A Camera With The Defender – Point Technology
Here is the new spray anti-rapes. Pepe in the eye and alert web –
One week to raise public projects abroad Festival Highlights (August 1st week) – Digi
Artifact Defender multifunctional anti-wolf – Sina
Video .. “Defender” .. Spray smart fitted with a camera and tracking device to combat harassment – el Fagr
The Producers Radio Show – AM640 Canada
3 Tech Items That Fight Sexual Violence – Shape Magazine
Multi-tool rape alarm takes photos, sprays mace and calls the cops – SpringWise
New Pepper Spray Takes Photos, Sounds Alarm And Calls Police! [PHOTO] – Radio Praise 102.7
New Pepper Spray Takes Photos, Sounds Alarm And Calls Police! [PHOTO] – Radio 103.9 The Lonny Hunter Show
The Defender: A pepper spray that photographs the attacker and alert the authorities – auFeminin
GADGET: Defender – HI-TECH pepper spray – PopPaganda
Pepper spray connected to fight against sexual assault – Le Figaro
A pepper spray with GPS, camera and alarm to protect women – Observador
Pepper Spray That Takes A Picture And Alerts The Police – OddityMall
This Smart Pepper Spray Snaps a Photo of Your Assailant and Sends It to the Police – Big Think
Pepper spray gets a camera with The Defender – Tech Investor News 
Pepper spray gets a camera with The Defender – CNET
DailyDirt: I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up 2.0 – Tech Dirt
This New Defence Gadget Could Save Your Life – LifeHack
Even as a male feminist ill be getting one of these – Reddit 
Avon Man develops ‘smart pepper spray’ – ABC 6 Indianapolis
Meet Defender: The anti-rape phone app – The Bitter
Check Out This Smart Protection Device That Syncs to Your Phone – Yahoo
Meet The Defender: a smart pepper spray that says everything about our paranoid society – The Telegraph
The Defender’ pepper spray identifies attacker, notifies police – ABC 15 Arizona
New ‘smart’ pepper spray takes a picture of your attacker, sounds an alarm AND calls the police – at the push of a single button – Daily Mail
High Tech Pepper Spray Photographs Your Assailant and Calls the Police – Jezebel
The Defender: the smart pepper spray device that photographs your assailant – The Guardian
A Smart Pepper Spray That Calls the Cops for You – Ozy
Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – August 2014 Edition – The Metropreneur
Defender Pepper Spray Blinds Your Attacker, Snaps Their Photo, And Sends It To Authorities – Cool Things
The Defender – ABC Radio

July 2014

The Defender: Smart Personal Protection Device + App – iPhoneness
Defender Smart Protection Device is Pure Genius – hyperfresh Mag
This pepper spray will snap a photo of your attacker and send it to police- Fox 13 Memphis
BASIC Gadgets: four practical and fun smartphone upgrades – Basic Thinking
Defender Smart Personal Protection System – Desire This
“Defender” Self-Defense Tool Sends Photo, Sounds Alarm, Disables Attacker –
Better than mace for warding off your attacker–and it takes their picture too! – 98.7 The River
Defender: Smart Self-Defense Tool [iOS/Android] – Gadgetify
Defender – CnBeta
Gadget: pepper spray, cameras installed. In the criminal authorities to implement emergency – Tech Xite
This Awesome New Invention Allows You to Protect Yourself From Attackers Using Your Smartphone –
Americans have invented a “smart” system of personal protective equipment: gas canister with a camera – High Tech News.RU

Artifact Defender multifunctional anti-wolf –

“Smart” gas canister criminal cellphone and send it to the police photos –

You Have to See This Smart Protection Device in Action – Brit + Co
The Defender Smart Self Defense Device – Dude I Want That
The Defender Offers Smart Personal Protection in One Portable Device – Gadget Review 
The Defender – Mandesager
Defender protective carrying villain be intimidated! –  Kapook
Defender Smart Personal Protection – Gear Hungry
Mace Security International Partners with Pangaea Services and Contributes $100,000 to Crowdfund The Defender
The Defender –!
Mitco Global and Pangaea Services enter into Distribution Deal and Mitco Contributes $100,000 to Crowdfunding Campaign – PR Underground
Mace Security International Partners with Pangaea Services and Contributes $100,000 to Crowdfund The Defender – Wall Street Journal
Introducing A Pepper Spray Canister That Takes Photos of the Perpetrator – Fro Knows Photos
High-tech pepper spray takes photo of attacker, alerts police – Global News
Defender Smart Protection Device – GadgetLab
Great Idea: The Defender Personal Protection Device – Marfdrat
“Smart” Pepper Spray Sends A Photo Of Your Attacker To Police – Swagger New York
The Defender: ‘Smart’ Personal Protection – In Stash
This Pepper Spray Does Its Job And Snaps A Photo Of Attackers As Well – Elite Daily 
This pepper spray will snap a photo of your attacker and send it to police – Fox 29 Philadelphia 
This pepper spray will snap a photo of your attacker and send it to police – Fox 9 Minneapolis 
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Apple’s iWatch Patent, The MBA Sticker Ad, And The Defender – TechCrunch
The Defender: It’s a Camera… and a weapon – SLR Lounge
This High-tech pepper spray takes photo – The Daily Dot
Pepper Spray Camera Blinds Attackerand Sends Photo to Police – Fstoppers
Defender Smart Protection Device – Uncrate
The Defender is a camera-equipped smart pepper spray can – TECHhi
The Defender combines camera, surveillance, pepper spray – PoliceOne
The Defender, A Portable Safety System With Pepper Spray, a Siren, Triangulation, Notifications and a Camera Built-In – Laughing Squid
Defender smart pepper spray takes pictures of crooks – VR-Zone
“Smart” gas canister Defender save photos hitter in the application on the iPhone- MacDigger.RU 
The Defender: A Smart Self-Defence Wand To Get You Out Of Trouble – Gizmodo Australia
Defender Smart Personal Protection – Wannahaves
The Defender Is a Camera, Also a Weapon –
Meet The Ultimate Self-Defense Weapon: Camera, Automated 911, Pepper Spray – Daily Caller
Defender is a camera-toting connected can of pepper spray – Slash Gear

The Defender Is What You Get When You Combine A Camera, Automated 9-1-1, And Pepper Spray – Tech Crunch

Personal Protection “The Defender” Beats $100,000 Goal in 24 Hours – Crowdfund Insider

Pepper spray with camera device turns to Indiegogo – Columbus Business First

Mitco Global and Pangaea Services enter into Distribution Deal and Mitco Contributes $100,000 – PRWeb – Business Wire

Mace Security International Partners with Pangaea Services and Contributes $100,000 to Crowdfund The Defender

The Smart Pepper Spray has a Camera and Bluetooth – Supercompressor

This Smart pepper Spray Takes a Photo of Your Assailant and Sends it to Authorities – Digital Trends

Pepper Spray Camera Snaps and Sends a Photo of Attacker to Authorities – Peta Pixel! says: To achieve that peace of mind that you’ve always wanted, The Defender is just the thing you need. It covers pretty much everything that needs security and protection, and does it in the most efficient and most reliable manner possible! The Defender on!

The Defender Offers Smart personal Protection in One Portable Device – Gadget Review

The Defender Smart Self-Defense System –

Pangaea Services Inc Launches The First Smart Self-Defense System on Indiegogo

June 2014

The Defender and Pangaea Services, Inc. to Exhibit Internet of Things Technology at ESX East 

Discover the Internet of Things – The Defender: Personal Protection System – IoT List

May 2014

Startup: The Pepper-Spraying Camera –

Pangaea Services, Inc and Fortis General Counsel, LLP to Join Forces on The Defender™ Smart Personal Protection

Self-Defense Technology Startup Pangaea Services, Inc to Disrupt with Everywhere Security and The Defender 

Pangaea Services’ Defender – Smart Personal Protection – Personal Defense World

This Smart Pepper Spray Has a Camera Inside – Meet the Defender –

Smart Pepper Spray Immobilizes Your Attacker, Takes Their Picture Too –


April 2014

24/7 Safety with The Defender Smart Self-Defense System

ISC West Attendees Are the First to See Smart Self-Defense Technology

Startup’s mPERS device has siren, camera, pepper spray – Security Watch News


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