Pre-Order The Defender on Indiegogo

August 01, 2014
Ryan McManus

Last week was the first time anyone had the opportunity to pre-order The Defender.  For  a contribution of $159, you will receive one of the first units we make and each one will include one year of our 24/7 monitoring service.  There are only 200 units available at this price so get it now!

We have other great perks and limited edition versions of The Defender.  Get The Defender in Hyper White only on Indiegogo.

What is crowdfunding?

The Defender is crowdfunding on IndieGogo, a leading crowdfunding website for individuals and companies like ours fund their projects or products.  For The Defender team, we are using crowdfunding to complete beta testing and manufacture the device here in the US. Crowdfunding allows anyone to contribute to a product they believe in and we have had a great response from supporters who believe in our mission.