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Smart personal protection connects consumer mobile technology with security and self-defense. Through technology advancements that leverage consumer-adopted standards, a new breed of smart hardware has emerged to offer safety, security, & and physical health benefits. Smart phone technologies have embraced third-party development of products, such as apps and Bluetooth connected devices. Many organizations have forecasted explosive adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

“Internet of Things” has become the defacto name for a wide variety of devices that connect to the Internet. Since many have covered this topic, we will not rehash the public information about the billions of devices that will be connecting to the Internet in the coming years. This white paper addresses a segment of smart devices that are focused on providing protection and security services to consumers. Smart Personal Protection is a new classification for internet-connected devices that combine self-defense (pepper spray), security (central station monitoring), evidence collection (camera), and response (profile push-to-911).

There is a revolution taking place in technology and business. Intelligent hardware is replacing legacy products and the once impossible is a reality. App marketplaces, the commoditization of microcomputers, rapid-prototyping hardware, and crowdfunding have emerged in parallel to attract innovators, investors, and customers. Technology development cycles have accelerated and created opportunities to establish new markets.   Startups are embracing lean methodologies to innovate with a consumer focus. Not to be outdone, technology heavyweights from Apple to Intel are competing to dominate a corner of the market and establish platform technologies that will become standards.