3 Ways the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Smartphone Use

April 07, 2014
Ryan McManus

Smartphones have taken the world by storm, increasing people’s dependability on them through apps and valuable features. You yourself will feel incomplete if you ever make the mistake of forgetting your device at home. With the fast pace of IT development and the arrival of the internet of things, smartphones have evolved further, allowing these devices to perform new services.

If you’re wondering how the internet of things is affecting the way you use your smartphone, here are three ways.

#1) Controlling Home Appliances and Security System Remotely

Services like Nest and Canary are being used to control different aspects of your home to save your money, possessions and life. If something goes wrong while you’re away, the sensors in your home devices will connect via the web and send you a message on your phone. Be it a smoke alarm, an intruder alert or a low battery notification, rest assured that you’ll be on top of things even when you’re away from home.

#2) Managing Car Functions and In-Car Entertainment System

The latest cars are now utilizing built-in internet connections to alert users about different important aspects. For instance, in the case of the Chevy Volt, the OnStar smartphone app allows users to get real-time info on their vehicle, such as current charge and total miles driven. You can even manage the car’s charging schedule while you’re mile from your car, ensuring that your car is always functional.

The internet of things also helps in making your driving experience pleasurable and safer. Take for example Apple’s CarPlay; through it, you can use your iPhone in your car without being distracted by it. The system allows you to use your smartphone by putting everything you need on your vehicle’s built-in display. Once connected with your iPhone, it will play music, make calls, and even allow you to access iOS maps in a smarter, safer way.

#3) Ensuring Personal Safety Outside the House

Smartphones are evolving to become lean and mean protection extensions.



Your phone is almost always with you.  It makes perfect sense to utilize the power of these smart devices to enhance personal safety.  Cell phones were always a source of peace of mind and The Defender takes it a step further with an integrated mult
These are some of the few ways the concept of the internet of things has changed the world of smartphone usage. So avail these and look for more methods to fully utilize modern technology and your device’s capabilities.ifunction device that connects via Bluetooth.  We are proud to be part of this internet of things revolution.  Startups and bigcompanies are innovating and bringing internet connectivity to every day devices and we have focused on how internet-enabled products can provide better protection.