5 Safety Measures to Protect You While Working Out at Night

April 07, 2014
Ryan McManus

Many people enjoy working out at night, as that’s when they’re free to enjoy some ‘Me’ time. Besides, exercising after sunset allows them to reap numerous benefits like boosting their metabolism and improving their fitness. However, working out in the dark comes with its own share of safety concerns. To ensure that you get home safely after your nightly exercise session, make sure to follow these five tips.

#1) Keep One Ear on the Road

Music is one of the essentials for working out as it boosts your efficiency and endurance. However, you shouldn’t play the music so loudly that you can’t hear your surroundings. Not only won’t you be able to hear someone approach you, but you’ll be more likely to be hit by a car if you jog outside. So, pay attention to your surroundings by keeping the volume low and using one earbud.

#2) Be Visible

Exercising on the road at night can be dangerous, especially if you choose to wear dark clothes. So, make sure to wear bright, reflective articles of clothing like a vest, head lamp or glow-in-the-dark gloves for car drivers to detect you easily. However, your bright clothes will also make you visible to troublemakers, so remember your self-defense tactics and be alert to use them the minute you get in trouble.

#3) Carry Protection at All Times

The darkness can be a blessing while you work out since it tends to relax you. However, others use it to carry out wrongful acts, with women being their prime target. To ensure that you don’t become the victim of those acts, carry protection on you. The most convenient to use is pepper spray since it comes in small packages and is easy to whip out, but you’re welcome to go for stun guns, self-defense key chains or a personal alarm.

#4) Stay in Familiar Territory

There is more safety in familiarity. This is because you’ll know beforehand where you can escape to safety. In addition, people will be accustomed to seeing you, which will motivate them to help you in case you get into trouble. So, regardless of your self-defense skills and products, don’t venture into a new, unknown territory.

#5) Get a Workout Buddy

Though you may prefer exercising alone, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by buddying up. Not only will you be more visible to drivers, but muggers and attackers will think twice before intercepting you. Besides, an extra pair of eyes will protect you from possible road injuries caused by potholes and obstacles. So get your friend to work out with you or join a nighttime running group.

Remember these five measures while working out at night and you’ll be safe as well as fit.

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