Concerns About Self-Defense Inspires New Everywhere Security

April 17, 2014
Ryan McManus

American women and men are worried about their safety and personal protection, and for good reason.

Statistics provided by the Department of Defense and the Violence Policy Center show alarming rates of weapon-related crimes versus reports of preventative self-defense measures taken, with criminals coming out unquestionably on top. Global 2013 surveys prove that one in three women are victimized by violent and criminal behavior during their lifetime. A recent Bureau of Justice Statistics report states that since 2004, hate crimes based on ethnicity have experienced a staggering 22% increase, putting women and minorities in the spotlight as vulnerable targets.  The reasons to carry a device for self-defense may be very personal, such as the fear of attack due to ethnicity or sexual preference.  Also, the need for a self-defense device could be situational, such as walking through a high crime area or out alone at night on a college campus.  The desire for a sense of safety and protection is not just for women, it is for everyone.  We can all remember a time where we were uncomfortable and feared for our safety.


Everyone should take a moment and give some thought to their personal safety. Notifying law enforcement or medical alert personnel are critical elements insuring personal security.   Another issue is the timeliness of first responders. Often, help can’t arrive in time or there isn’t an opportunity to notify authorities immediately when a threat is encountered, at home or while they are out.  But there’s another problem: often, help can’t arrive in time or there isn’t an opportunity to notify authorities.  Only 17% of US homes have security systems installed. Security systems use a phone line to contact a call center automatically, but until recently there was no solution that provided immediate threat protection when you are outside of the home.

In the “Internet of Things” many elements of different solutions have been offered that almost fill the vacuum in personal security products. However, until recently none had the necessary fluidity of use that make it smart personal protection when the victim is scared, frantic, or on the move. Wearable technology is still evolving and is awaiting a breakthrough. The Defender fills this void. The Defender combines the need for quick notification to the authorities with nonlethal self-defense that is discreet, affordable, and provides everywhere security.


“58% of Americans already use a smart phone to enhance their lives…”

The nightly news features shootings and crimes even in the most mundane suburban or scholastic settings.  The founders of The Defender are providing an efficient solution (that can fit in your pocket) for both protection and the need for assistance.  By leveraging your smart phone and data connection, The Defender delivers both.  Consumers are quite comfortable using their smartphones (58% of the US marketplace) for purposes ranging from measuring blood pressure to improving posture.

The latest in smartphone-connected self-defense is the Defender, a discreet piece of mobile technology that simultaneously photographs the assailant, disperses a powerful blast of pepper spray

to an attacker, and sends the picture to the authorities (through our 24/7 monitoring service) without having to stop and call 911. Every precious moment saved during a criminals attack could be the difference between life or death for you or a loved one. Concurrently, The Defender transmits your exact GPS location via Bluetooth technology to our monitoring who can contact law enforcement or medical personnel.  The Defender’s built-in siren will help you attract attention from others in your immediate vicinity.

EVERYWHERE SECURITY from The Defender includes a medical alert button.  When the medical alert function is deployed it notifies a monitoring center of any unexpected medical event.  The Defender app allows our users to control their critical health information, such as pre-existing conditions, allergies, and insurance information that is shared with medical authorities.  Medical alerts are not just for the elderly (we all remember the commercial).  Medical situations are often unexpected and there are many people living with conditions, such as diabetes, that may need immediate medical attention, but are not able to call 911.  With The Defender, you have a complete security solution that is with you everywhere.

The Defender is a common sense lifestyle product for everyone that lives or travels alone, and is the perfect gift for a college-bound daughter or beloved spouse. The Defender levels the playing field against a criminally-minded person that could be armed and dangerous, providing peace of mind for pennies per day.

We need your support to get The Defender in the hands of people who need it!  We will be announcing our crowdfunding campaign in the next few weeks.  Register your email with us and we will let you know as soon as The Defender is available on Indiegogo.