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Smart Personal Protection White Paper

Interested in learning more about smart personal protection?  We wrote this white paper as a crash course on smart personal protection.  This is our most in-depth description of this emerging technology and we detailed how smart personal protection will impact the user….

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Watch The Defender in Action – Complete Demo

Filmed Friday August 8, 2014 by our Hardware Team.

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Halfway Through Our Indiegogo Campaign

Our campaign on Indiegogo has just 19 days left and we have raised over $224,000 for The Defender. We launched with 1 goal: to raise enough to manufacture The Defender. We exceeded our goal in the first few hours and have…

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Pre-Order The Defender on Indiegogo

Last week was the first time anyone had the opportunity to pre-order The Defender.  For  a contribution of $159, you will receive one of the first units we make and each one will include one year of our 24/7 monitoring service….

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White House Task Force Draws Attention to Issues of Sexual Assault on Campus

It was concern for a family member at college that inspired The Defender.  We have always thought that college students need to be carrying The Defender.  All parents are concerned with the safety of their children who are away at…

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Concerns About Self-Defense Inspires New Everywhere Security

American women and men are worried about their safety and personal protection, and for good reason. Statistics provided by the Department of Defense and the Violence Policy Center show alarming rates of weapon-related crimes versus reports of preventative self-defense measures...Read More

5 Safety Measures to Protect You While Working Out at Night

Many people enjoy working out at night, as that’s when they’re free to enjoy some ‘Me’ time. Besides, exercising after sunset allows them to reap numerous benefits like boosting their metabolism and improving their fitness. However, working out in the…

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Big Data for Personal Protection 101

Big data is a collection of structured and unstructured data collected from different sources such as web analytics and social media usage. Businesses and governments across the world use this concept to determine behaviors and develop action plans accordingly. So…

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3 Ways the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Smartphone Use

Smartphones have taken the world by storm, increasing people’s dependability on them through apps and valuable features. You yourself will feel incomplete if you ever make the mistake of forgetting your device at home. With the fast pace of IT…

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